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The confectionery products of “Seryshevskij” - It is healthy!

Cookies are a familiar and favorite treat. Some don’t get tired of arguing about the benefits, while others arrange a real quest in search of quality products. And it’s desirable that without preservatives and other additives.The bakery manufactory of PC “Seryshevskij” has long been known for the environmental friendliness of its products. 

Let's head to the office of the production manager Galina Anatolyevna Zimina. Judging by the smells surrounded by a very pleasant associations from the threshold, a lot of interesting things are produced here! Only cookies over 20 items! 30 types of bakery products, more than 20 cakes and pastries! Gingerbread cookies, muffins and profiteroles.

Now the buyer is becoming more demanding. This is manifested in a biased attitude about product quality. We are ready to dispel the concerns of customers: in the baking and confectionery products, only natural raw materials are used. Cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, meat is supplied by PC “Seryshevskij” at cost, which allows the output price to be acceptable to the consumer.

Such products have a limited shelf life, an average of 15 days. The production policy is such that no additives for long-term storage are used. Preservatives and dyes of a non-natural origin are unacceptable. We don’t even have a warehouse for products. Fresh out of the oven immediately go to the counter. Appearance and packaging also play a role. By the way, the location of our products on the trading floor won’t be difficult to find, because it’s made out in accordance with the brand: white-green stripes separated by a wavy line, the house under the tree familiar to our customers is the logo of PC “Seryshevskij”.

For us cookies are as a source of vitamins and minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus).  For those who love cookies, we can boast of novelties: “Intrigue” with a vanilla souffle and a chocolate net, “Northern girl” is of two halves, connected by souffle and confiture, tender cottage cheese “Astra”, soft “Oatmeal” cookies. Fans of muffins are advised to taste the latest: “Citrus” based on sour cream with orange filling, “Capital”, “Two-tone”, Two-tone with cottage cheese filling and “Cottage cheese” muffins.

With regard to the production manufactory operates around the clock. Each team includes confectioners, technologists, and professionals. People are one of the main components of the success of our products.